Advisory Committee

The T-SCORE Center will be overseen by an Advisory Committee that will meet both as a group to provide input into the direction of the center and also work individually with projects proposed in the research plan. The members have been selected to provide a wide perspective across the industry, including governmental agencies at the state and local level, transit agencies, metropolitan planning agencies, advocacy organizations, and private transportation providers. The following individuals have agreed to serve as members:

Chris Tomlinson, T-SCORE Advisory Committee Chair, Executive Director, ATL / Georgia Regional Trans. Authority

Rob Goodwin, Director of Research and Analysis, MARTA (Atlanta, GA) 

Jaron Robertson, Director, Innovative Mobility Solutions, Utah Transit Authority 

Carrie Butler, Executive Director, TARC (Louisville, KY) 

Phil Pugliese, Transit Planner, GoCarta (Chattanooga, TN) 

Flavia Tsang, Principal Travel Modeling Analyst, MTC, San Francisco Bay Area 

Yvette Taylor, Region 4 FTA Administrator 

Michael Frumin, Director of Data Science for Bikes, Scooters, and Transit, Lyft 

Andrea Broaddus, Future Mobility Research, Ford Motor Company 

Steven Higashide, Director of Research, Transit Center 

Katherine Kortum, Transportation Research Board 

Art Guzzetti, Vice President – Mobility Initiatives and Public Policy, American Public Transportation Association